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Science on Tap - The FUTURE OF ENERGY

[title]Science on Tap - The FUTURE OF ENERGY[desc]On-line event - one evening only Telus World of Science Wednesday, May 19, 2021, 7 – 9:30pm [image: Science on Tap - The FUTURE OF ENERGY] The year is 2050… An energy transition has occurred – decisions made decades ago shaped a new energy landscape. How we produce and consume energy looks different than it did in 2021. Join us for Science on Tap: The Future of Energy to imagine what energy could look like in 2050 and how the choices we make today will impact society, the economy, and the environment for decades to come. Projections show that global energy demand will increase by 50% by 2050. What could the energy landscape look like to meet the increased demand? How can emerging energy technologies be incorporated into existing infrastructure? How might our homes and lifestyles evolve? This scientific discussion will explore these questions and more with the help of expert panelists. City / Town : Edmonton Event Venue : Online Short Description : A Panel discussion on the future of energy in Albert Event Category : Education, Other Cost : $5.00 Where to purchase tickets : On-line event, Ticket Link:… Tickets Phone : 780 451-3344 Contact Name : Rick Prentice or Cate Collins - 780 995 2109 Contact Phone : 780 995 2109 Contact Email : rickprentice Additional Information : on-line event More info :…. Event Details. Location: On line event one evening only , Edmonton, AB