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Mysteries Melting from the Ice

[title]Mysteries Melting from the Ice[desc]Online from the Royal Alberta Museum Friday, April 30, 2021, 12 – 1pm [image: Mysteries Melting from the Ice] As you wander through the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, you may feel very small among the rising peaks and glaciers. Yet below you, even smaller, unnoticeable collections of preserved plants, animal remains, and artifacts lie enclosed in the ice patches scattered among the mountains. Through these tiny treasures, we can unlock a glimpse into what these landscapes may have been like thousands of years ago. Join Diana Tirlea, Assistant Curator of Quaternary Environments, to discover how people used the unique features of Alberta's mountains and ice patches, and how the forests and plants have changed over the past 6,500 years. City / Town : Edmonton Event Venue : Online Short Description : Travel through the Rockies to discover hidden treasures and time capsules from thousands of years ago! Event Category : Education, Exhibits, Museums / Attractions Cost : Free Where to purchase tickets :…. Event Details. Location: Online from the Royal Alberta Museum , Edmonton, AB