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[title]Sensory Box[desc]Online Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 8 – 9pm [image: Sensory Box] Sensory Box is a funny, delightful, & surprising experience unboxing the uncertainty of our time. In-person or online Sept. 23 - Oct 3, 2020. When was the last time you felt the gentle brush of a butterfly kiss? Or the sticky sweet taste of maple syrup licked off your fingers after a pancake breakfast? How about the soft, warm hug of a fluffy blanket straight out of the dryer? Explore the electric connection between our senses and the imagination with Ghost River Theatre's Sensory Box. Blindfolded, and alongside the guiding voice of performer Mike Tan, uncover the mysterious contents of the box from the safety of your own home (or be one of twenty of the first audience members to join us in the theatre each night!) and rediscover the importance of play. Wrapped and delivered to your door, Sensory Box offers you an unboxing adventure through the tips of your fingers. SENSORYBOX SHOWTIMES (MDT) Wednesday, September 23rd - 8:00 pm Thursday, September 24 - 8:00 pm Friday, September 25 - 8:00 pm Saturday, September 26, 8:00 pm Thursday, October 1 - 8:00 pm Friday, October 2 - 8:00 pm Saturday, October 3 - 8:00 pm Show running time is 50 minutes with no intermission. Tickets are PAY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD You choose $5, $25, $50, or $75 for your ticket. Boxes are $5 for pick up, $10 for delivery within Calgary, and $20 to ship within Canada. International shipping prices will vary. Ghost River is dedicated to an inclusive ticketing model that seeks to remove financial barriers. There are two ways to engage with Sensory Box. You can purchase a ticket online and you'll be delivered a box and a login code to view it on Vimeo OR you can experience it live each night as one of twenty socially-distanced audience members at the West Village Theatre. All Alberta Health Services Covid-19 protocols will be in place to facilitate a safe space to encounter Sensory Box. Written by: Eric Rose & Christopher Duthie Direction: Eric Rose Art Direction & Design: Emily Promise Allison Stage Management: Sara Turner Featuring: Mike Tan Having trouble booking tickets? Give us a call! (587) 392-5833 Special Thanks to our Funders: The Rosza Foundation and Sentinel Storage City / Town : Edmonton Event Venue : Other Neighbourhood : Abbottsfield, Albany, Alberta Avenue, Aldergrove, Allard, Allendale, Ambleside, Argyll, Aspen Gardens, Athlone, Avonmore, Balwin, Bannerman, Baranow, Baturyn, Beacon Heights, Bearspaw, Beaumaris, Belgravia, Belle Rive, Bellevue, Belmead, Belmont, Belvedere, Bergman, Beverly Heights, Bisset, Blackburne, Blackmud Creek, Blue Quill, Blue Quill Estates, Bonnie Doon, Boyle Street, Brander Gardens, Breckenridge Greens, Brintnell, Britannia Youngstown, Brookside, Bulyea Heights, Caernarvon, Calder, Callaghan, Callingwood North, Callingwood South, Cameron Heights, Canon Ridge, Canora, Canossa, Capilano, Carlisle, Carlton, Carter Crest, Casselman, Central Mc Dougall, Chambery, Chappelle Area, Charlesworth, Clareview Campus, Clareview Town Centre, Cloverdale, Crawford Plains, Crestwood, Cromdale, Cumberland, Daly Grove, Dechene, Delton, Delwood, Donsdale, Dovercourt, Downtown, Duggan, Dunluce, Eastwood, Eaux Claires, Edgemont, Ekota, Ellerslie, Elmwood, Elmwood Park, Elsinore, Empire Park, Ermineskin, Evansdale, Evergreen, Falconer Heights, Forest Heights, Fraser, Fulton Place, Gariepy, Garneau, Glastonbury, Glengarry, Glenora, Glenridding Area, Glenwood, Gold Bar, Goodridge Corners, Grandview Heights, Granville, Greenfield, Greenview, Griesbach, Grovenor, Haddow, Hairsine, Hawks Ridge, Hazeldean, Henderson Estates, High Park, Highlands, Hillview, Hodgson, Hollick-Kenyon, Holyrood, Homesteader, Hudson, Idylwylde, Inglewood, Jackson Heights, Jamieson Place, Jasper Park, Kameyosek, Keheewin, Kenilworth, Kensington, Kernohan, Kildare, Kilkenny, Killarney, King Edward Park, Kiniski Gardens, Kirkness, Klarvatten, La Perle, Lago Lindo, Lansdowne, Larkspur, Lauderdale, Laurel, Laurier Heights, Lee Ridge, Leger, Lendrum Place, Lewis Farms (Normandeau Gardens), Lorelei, Lymburn, Lynnwood, Mac Ewan, Mac Taggart Area, Magrath Heights, Magrath Heights Area, Malmo Plains, Maple, Maple Ridge, Matt Berry, Mayfield, Mayliewan, Mc Cauley, Mc Conachie Area, Mc Kernan, Mc Leod, Mc Queen, Meadowlark Park, Menisa, Meyokumin, Meyonohk, Michaels Park, Mill Woods Town Centre, Miller, Minchau, Montrose, Newton, North Glenora, Northmount, Ogilvie Ridge, Oleskiw, Oliver, Ormsby Place, Ottewell, Overlanders, Oxford, Ozerna, Parkallen, Parkdale, Parkview, Patricia Heights, Pembina, Place La Rue, Pleasantview, Pollard Meadows, Potter Greens, Prince Charles, Prince Rupert, Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary Park, Quesnell Heights, Ramsay Heights, Rapperswill, Rhatigan Ridge, Richfield, Richford, Rideau Park, Rio Terrace, Ritchie, Riverdale, Rosenthal, Rossdale, Rosslyn, Royal Gardens, Rundle Heights, Rural West, Rutherford, Sakaw, Satoo, Schonsee, Secord, Sherbrooke, Sherwood, Sifton Park, Silver Berry, Skyrattler, Spruce Avenue, Starling, Steinhauer, Strathcona, Strathearn, Suder Greens, Summerlea, Summerside, Sunwapta Industrial, Sweet Grass, Tamarack, Tawa, Terra Losa, Terrace Heights, Terwillegar South, Terwillegar Towne, The Hamptons, The Orchards at Ellerslie, Thorncliff, Tipaskan, Trumpeter Area, Tweddle Place, Twin Brooks, Virginia Park, Walker, Webber Greens, Wedgewood Heights, Weinlos, Wellington, West Jasper Place, West Meadowlark Park, Westbrook Estates, Westmount, Westridge, Westview Village, Westwood, Wild Rose, Windermere, Windsor Park, Woodcroft, York Short Description : Sensory Box is a funny, delightful, & surprising experience unboxing the uncertainty of our time. Event Category : Family / Children, Other Cost : $5-$75 Where to purchase tickets :… Tickets Phone : (587) 392-5833 Contact Name : Madeleine Taylor-Gregg Contact Email : More info :…. Event Details. Location: Online , Edmonton, AB