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Mystery Science Salon presents - Prime Numbers: Why You Should Care

9314 111th Ave NW Saturday, January 5, 2019, 1 – 4pm [image: Mystery Science Salon presents - Prime Numbers: Why You Should Care] You probably know what a prime number is, but why should you care? Come learn why prime numbers have been important for thousands of years and how they underly internet security. It's a new year, 2019, so a question about prime numbers which is considered the largest unsolved problem in mathematics is now 160 years old! Maybe you can solve it this year? Prime numbers are somehow so simple yet so complicated that a problem can elude mathematicians for hundreds or thousands of years and then get solved by a Subway Sandwich Artist (this actually happened). City / Town : Edmonton Event Venue : Other Neighbourhood : Alberta Avenue Short Description : Free monthly science lecture series w/ free coffee from Rogue Wave Coffee Co. Event Category : Education Cost : FREE Where to purchase tickets : N/A Contact Name : Samantha Contact Email : Additional Information : A fun lecture series on the big ideas in math and science for a general audience. More info :… . Event Details. Location: The Aviary , Edmonton, AB