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RASC Regular Meeting - Black Holes Don't Suck

11211 142 St NW, Edmonton, AB Monday, September 10, 2018, 7:30 – 9:30pm Often portrayed as cosmic vacuum cleaners that ensnare everything that dares come close, black holes represent the ultimate end, in both science fact and science fiction. First theorized in the early 20th century, black holes have fascinated astronomers for the last 100 years. I will discuss the history of these systems, from the accidental discovery of Sagittarius A at the centre of our Galaxy by Karl Jansky in the 1930s, to the violent accretion events occurring in X-ray binary systems and active galactic nuclei. I will show you that, contrary to popular belief, black holes don't suck! City / Town : Edmonton Event Venue : TELUS World of Science Short Description : Black Holes Don't Suck Event Category : Meetings Cost : Free and Open to the Public More info : . Event Details. Location: Telus World of Science , Edmonton, AB