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Pipelines, Provinces, and the Constitution

University of Alberta (87 Ave & 111 St) Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 7 – 9pm [image: Pipelines, Provinces, and the Constitution] MODERATOR: The Honourable Anne McLellan, P.C., O.C. PANELISTS: Professor Eric Adams, University of Alberta, Faculty of Law -- will speak about the constitutional ground rules governing inter-provincial pipelines and the constitutional principles that determine how the laws of different jurisdictions interact with one another when potential conflicts arise. Professor Jocelyn Stacey, University of British Columbia, Peter A. Allard School of Law -- will speak to the constitutionality of BC's proposed environmental regulations and their ability to respond to the gaps in the National Energy Board's positive assessment of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion. Professor Andrew Leach, University of Alberta, Alberta School of Business -- will speak on why the pipeline is needed and what would be the consequences for Canadian resource prices were it not to be built. He will also cover the likely GHG emissions consequences of the pipeline's operations, in the context of Canada's national commitments. Meaghan Conroy, Partner, MLT Aikins LLP -- will focus on how aboriginal and treaty rights protected by s.35 of the Constitution are reconciled (or not) with other public interests relevant to the Trans Mountain Pipeline. The focus will be on both legal and practical considerations for Indigenous communities and other interested parties. This event is free and open to the public. City / Town : Edmonton Event Venue : University of Alberta Short Description : Can BC legally block the Trans Mountain Pipeline? Should the federal government step in? Join us of a lively discussion of these topics and more. Event Category : Civic, Environment, Free / Budget, Other Cost : free Where to purchase tickets :… Contact Name : Centre for Constitutional Studies Contact Email : Additional Information : Pipelines, Provinces, and the Constitution:, Can the province of BC legally block or slow down the expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline? Should the federal government step in? If so, what can they do? What about environmental and Indigenous community rights and the pipeline? What is the cost/benefit of the pipeline? Join us for a lively discussion on these topics and more. More info :… . Event Details. Location: Telus Centre Auditorium Room 150 , Edmonton, AB