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The Poorest Travelling Chautauqua in the Canadian Prairies

Friday, July 7, 2017, 2 – 2:30pm It's the summer of 1934 and the town of Skiff, Alberta is down on its luck. The Depression is in full swing and nobody has two cents to rub together. Enter the Calvin Keller and the Poorest Travelling Chautauqua in the Canadian Prairies. What's a Chautauqua, you ask? It's a travelling show with a big tent with a lectures, music, dancing and story-telling! Only problem is, Calvin doesn't have a tent. Or lectures. Or musicians. Or a dance floor. Can Calvin overcome the odds and give the town of Skiff the best night of the summer? An interactive and fun historical play. The award-winning Promise Productions is an independent theatre for young audiences company in Edmonton, Alberta dedicated to producing educational, entertaining and imaginative works of theatre aimed at families. Event Venue : Edmonton Public Library Neighbourhood : Brintnell Cost : Free More info :… . Event Details. Location: McConachie , Edmonton, AB