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Gates of Nature - Kyung Hee Hogg

Sejong Multicultural Center 2503 Ellwood Drive S.W. Edmonton, AB Ongoing through Saturday, October 19, 2013, 8pm Gates of Nature Have you ever heard the sound of water running underneath the snow? Have you ever taken the time to notice a flower in bloom? Recently I noticed how snow melts...Deeply frozen ice melting by the warmth of the earth, sunshine, and soft winds with hard packed frozen snow floating on the melted water over the earth. It seems to start from the ground, not from the top where it is touched by the air and sunshine...The water always seems to flow underneath the snow. We have at times difficulties and even anger with people in our lives...When this happens to me I try like the earth to accept them, even apologize and forgive them, while keeping a positive mind. As the sunshine and winds help to melt hard packed snow and ice I try in this way to melt the ice in difficult relationships. The long time between the last flowers of fall and while waiting for the flowers of spring reminds me of a poem... 
 There is no flower that would bloom without being shaken. 
All the pretty flowers in the world all bloom while being shaken. 
 While being shaken, it straightened its stem. 
 There is no love that would leave without being shaken. 
Where is there a flower that would bloom without being whipped? 
 All the shining flowers in the world all bloom while being whipped. 
While being whipped by the wind and rain, the flower petals bloomed warmly. 
 There is no life that goes by without being whipped. poem by Doe Jong-Hwan When I am absorbed in nature I feel I gain some of it's wisdom. "Nature" Each has his own identity and his way of life. These different personalities come together in harmony; it is our life, and nature. Kyung-Hee City / Town : Edmonton Event Venue : Other Neighbourhood : Ellerslie Short Description : Art Exhibition Event Category : Exhibits Cost : Free Contact Name : Kyung Hee Hogg Contact Phone : 780-761-7239 Contact Email : Additional Information : BIOGRAPHY, I was born and educated in Seoul, Korea. After graduating with a B.Ed. from Duk Sung Womens University where I studied fine art, I spent most of my time painting to answer questions such as...What is my identity? Where does it belong? What is nature? When I wasn't painting I was teaching art., I vacationed in Canada a few times where I met my husband Jim. We lived a few years in Edmonton, Ab. and then moved out to the countryside. We managed a general store beside a First Nation community, a Metis community and a farming community. I met a lot of First Nation, Metis, and caucasian people there. This was a special experience in my life because I could reflect about human beings and myself., Upon completion of our contract to manage the store we returned to Edmonton where I again turned to my professional career as an artist instead of working as a cashier. More info : Event Details. Location: 2503 Ellwood Drive S.W.